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Links I like (February)


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Cookie exchange


Last weekend I went to a small and intimate cookie exchange hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Cara of the Polka Dot Apron.  For my contribution I made:  Snowball cookies and Vegan chocolate covered cookie dough.  I liked both but not as much as the other cookies at the exchange. While the snowball cookies were tasty I think they would have benefited from some coconut added to the mix.  And, the chocolate covered cookie dough was overly rich for my taste.  But that being said, I think I will make them again  – maybe with peanut butter cookie dough next time.   As a side note,  these recipes called for coconut oil.  I saw some at Herb and Spice the week before but refused to pay the price they were charging.  When I settled on making these cookies I changed my mind and decided to suck it up. But when I returned to Herb and Spice they were sold out!  Luckily for me, the Natural Food Pantry in Westboro had some.  Even more lucky for me it was on sale!  Long story short:  if you are looking for coconut oil, the natural food pantry is the place to go.


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Links I like (January)

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Links I like (December)

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Cookie exchange recipes

Over 600 bloggers participated in this cookie exchange this year – which means over 22, 000 cookies were sent around the world — how amazing is that?   Even more amazing – all the cookie recipes have been shared online!  There are more cookies here than I could cook in two years!  So, are you looking for last-minute ideas for your cookie tray this holiday?  I am certain you can find some ideas here:

Cookie recipes Part 1

Cookie recipes Part 2

As for me, I plan to take a break from eating cookies — I feel I am made of cookie dough.



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Links I like (November)

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Bon Jovi’s Community Restaurant

I saw this story in a lot of places last week but I think it is really interesting so I wanted to share it with you too.  Jon Bon Jovi’s charitable foundation has opened a new restaurant in New Jersey called the Soul Kitchen.  The concept is simple and refreshing in the age of celebrity restaurants that charge an arm and leg for a meal.  Basically, the restaurant serves regional, organic cuisine with a pay-what-you-can pricing model.  I love this idea – so many people think organic meals are too expensive or that eating out means that they need to eat fast food to be able to afford it.  The idea that a community can come together to share a meal is such a positive one that I hope we see more of these restaurants in near future.

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