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Holiday celebrations

Mike and I celebrated the holidays in BC this year. Spending time with Mike’s family is always a lot of fun – we eat lots of chocolate, Mike’s mom makes us eggnog and we open our presents Christmas eve!  Mike’s hometown, Creston, is in the interior of the province and is a bit isolated.  So, while resting and relaxing we took full advantage of the local craft brewing scene.  We tried a few breweries and a couple of wineries

  1. Nelson brewing company – we tried the After dark and the Blackheart Oatmeal stout.  Usually I am not a fan of dark beers but these were pretty sweet.  Plus they were made with organic ingredients!
  2. Fernie brewing company – we tried their Sap Sucker – maple porter and their What the huck – huckleberry wheat.  The huckleberry wheat was too sweet for my taste but the maple porter hit all the right notes.
  3. Dead frog brewery – from Vancouver but we couldn’t resist the name Christmas Beeracle – it was pretty tasty.

We also tried some wine from two local wineries:  Skimmerhorn winery and Ballie-Grohman winery –both were amazing.


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Brew beering (aka brewing beer)

My friend, Dave, has been home brewing his own beer for many years now.  Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend one of his home-brew sessions, where we made a Cascadian Dark Ale.  In truth, I mostly watched, took photos and drank his tasty home-brew.  I only know slightly more about brewing beer:

  • You start by grinding the grains (various types of barley) like coffee
  • You make a porridge/oatmeal out of the grains
  • Let that heat up for a while
  • You filter the grains out of the “stock”
  • Heat the “stock” up again (have a sing-along at this point to pass some time)
  • Add your hops
  • Cool rapidly
  • Pour into sterilized containers
  • Add yeast
  • Let sit for a long time

Please do not follow these instructions – there are plenty of more informative sources out there if you want to brew your own beer! 

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New Ottawa Brewery

According to Apt. 613  — there is a new brewery opening in Ottawa.  It’s called Broadhead brewing company and was started by some home brewers.  They have kegs and growlers available.  Looking at their selection it’s hard to decide what to try first — although I think I lean towards their wheat ale.  Eating and drinking local is getting easier all the time…

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