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Kichesippi Brewery tour

This past weekend some of my friends from undergrad made the trek from Guelph and Toronto to visit us here in Ottawa.  When friends come to visit I love showing off our best local venues for food and drink.  This time we had amazing meals at both Chez Lucien and The Manx. We picked up some seasonal beers from Beau’s to enjoy and luckily for us on Friday night Chez Lucien had Kichesippi’s 1855 on tap.

1855 is easily one of my favourite local beers.  I usually don’t drink dark beer but the 1855 is more amber than dark and I find it very easy to drink and refreshing.  It pairs well with most foods because the taste is not overly complex and the after-taste is slightly bitter but pleasant.  I paired my pint with the vegetarian chilli and some sweet music from the jukebox.  A great meal, a nice beer and some good conversation with friends was the perfect way to spend the early evening waiting out the snow-storm.

Originally, when my friends first booked their trip to Ottawa we had planned to spend one day skating on the canal.  Since the weather didn’t work out in our favour we needed something to do on Saturday.  Friday we had spent some time at the National Gallery and we wanted to do something else inside that was not a museum.  As we were planning all the possibilities I happened on the Kichesippi website.  Kichesippi offers tours on Saturdays – and as an added bonus for someone who does not have a car – it is within walking/busing distance from the Wellington West area!

Our tour guide was awesome – she was super friendly and answered all my random questions about mashing, fermentation, and carbonating beer.

Cooler where they store the delicious kegs of beer

Beer is constantly brewing here – it only takes 15 days to condition/age a batch of the Natural Blonde but the demand for this brew is growing all the time.  This micro-brewery will need to get some bigger digs soon enough!

Where they add the yeast and age/condition the beer

It was really nice to hear what a strong emphasis Kichesippi places on connecting with the local community.  Local farmers feed the leftover grains to cows, local musicians cook with it, and they always seem to be available at fun music events here in the City.

One exciting thing we learned during the tour is that Kichesippi will be selling their Natural blonde pale ale in 6 packs at local LCBOs (see details here)!

(Also as a side note if you have a chance go see the clock piece at the national Gallery – it is mesmerizing!)


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Links I like (February)

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Cookie exchange


Last weekend I went to a small and intimate cookie exchange hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Cara of the Polka Dot Apron.  For my contribution I made:  Snowball cookies and Vegan chocolate covered cookie dough.  I liked both but not as much as the other cookies at the exchange. While the snowball cookies were tasty I think they would have benefited from some coconut added to the mix.  And, the chocolate covered cookie dough was overly rich for my taste.  But that being said, I think I will make them again  – maybe with peanut butter cookie dough next time.   As a side note,  these recipes called for coconut oil.  I saw some at Herb and Spice the week before but refused to pay the price they were charging.  When I settled on making these cookies I changed my mind and decided to suck it up. But when I returned to Herb and Spice they were sold out!  Luckily for me, the Natural Food Pantry in Westboro had some.  Even more lucky for me it was on sale!  Long story short:  if you are looking for coconut oil, the natural food pantry is the place to go.


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To cure what ails you…

Grapefruit 2

Photo by Isox4 on flickr

It seems like everyone in my office is sick this week.  While many of my co-workers seem to be suffering from flu-like symptoms I have a nasty cold.  I hate being sick.  Yes, it gives me an opportunity to re-watch Veronica Mars and sleep an extraordinary amount, but it also comes with a constant dripping nose, aches, and tiredness that are not pleasant.  So, when I am sick I make this juice, which has become my go-to natural remedy that I pair with lots of dark leafy greens.  I love this recipe because it makes me feel better every time but I have to warn you that it is not a recipe that you make friends with – it contains one clove of raw pressed garlic.  For some reason, Mike is never sick when I am sick and he groans whenever I make this juice.  I guess when your nose is not plugged up the smell of raw garlic is pretty strong.

This recipe is adapted from Rebar’s liver quiver juice recipe.  And as a super plus, it is easy to make when you have no energy.

  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 lemon
  • 1-3 oranges (or orange juice) *to taste
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper

Juice the grapefruit, lemon and oranges.  Strain out the pulp (or leave it in) and combine the juices in a glass.  Crush one clove of garlic in a garlic press and then combine with the juice.  Add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

It is best to drink this fast in big gulps then get back to the couch.  That first season of Veronica Mars is not going to re-watch itself.

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